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Modular building, tiny home, or sleepout, explore our blog for useful tips and tricks for making the most of your ecopod.

The Top 10 Reasons To Invest in an Ecopod

Whether it's a place to live, work or play, there are many reasons why an affordable, transportable, and ...
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How we deliver on time and on budget using KAIZEN™ principles

Following the KAIZEN™ principle of continuous improvement through minimising inefficiencies allows us to build better, at a better ...
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Transportable homes – fixed or moveable?

When you buy a transportable home, you can make it a permanent dwelling or a relocatable one, depending ...
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How we deliver the ‘eco’ in Ecopod

When you choose an Ecopod, you're making a great economic and ecological choice - that's what puts the ...
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interior view showing kitchen, TV console and view from Jaylene's ecopod

An ecopod granny flat keeps extended family close

When Gayle and Julien were researching the ideal living situation for Gayle's mum, Jaylene, they had a lot ...
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Screwpile foundations beneath deck of ecopod

Why We Chose StopDigging Screw pile Foundations for Pourewa Nursery

A recent ecopod project highlights the benefits of using screw pile foundations for transportable homes in NZ. Ecopod ...
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tiny house nz

Tick All The Boxes With Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes in NZ are more popular than ever. They've gone from being something of a novelty to ...
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What’s Involved in Ecopod Home Transportation?

The team at Ecopod understand that the world of transportable building can be a little confusing to understand ...
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ecopod self contained pod

The Added Value Of A Sleepout Cabin

Whether you're renovating a kitchen, building a new deck, painting the house, or any other home improvement or ...
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