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Modular building, tiny home, or sleepout, explore our blog for useful tips and tricks for making the most of your ecopod.

Exploring Granny Flats: A Sustainable Solution by Ecopod

At Ecopod, we're committed to redefining sustainable living through innovative solutions that harmonise with the environment. Today, let's ...
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How are Ecopod Modular Homes Built?

At Ecopod, we pride ourselves on crafting modular homes that are not only sustainable and energy-efficient but also ...
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What Is the Difference Between Modular and Prefab Homes?

When considering a new home in New Zealand, the terms "modular" and "prefab" are likely to come up ...
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What is a Prefab Home and How Do They Work?

In the dynamic world of modern housing, prefab homes have emerged as a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. ...
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Are Transportable Homes Cheaper?

Hey there! Ever wondered if transportable homes are cheaper than traditional builds? Well, buckle up because today, we’re ...
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The Top 10 Reasons To Invest in an Ecopod

Whether it's a place to live, work or play, there are many reasons why an affordable, transportable, and ...
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How we deliver on time and on budget using KAIZEN™ principles

Following the KAIZEN™ principle of continuous improvement through minimising inefficiencies allows us to build better, at a better ...
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Transportable homes – fixed or moveable?

When you buy a transportable home, you can make it a permanent dwelling or a relocatable one, depending ...
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How we deliver the ‘eco’ in Ecopod

When you choose an Ecopod, you're making a great economic and ecological choice - that's what puts the ...
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