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Adding a dwelling to your Auckland property

Have you ever wanted to add a dwelling in your backyard? Maybe an office, a granny flat, a ...
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Need an extra bed but space is at a premium?

You may not have tried one, but you can probably visualise a Murphy bed from the many movies ...
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Tips for marketing your property on Airbnb

Hands up who scrolls through the photos first when searching accommodation options on the web? Human are visual ...
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Making the most of a small kitchen

Ask people to describe their dream kitchen and chances are you’ll hear the word big. But if you’ve ...
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NZ’s new coalition government and housing affordability

After a cliffhanger of an election, where we were held in suspense about the outcome, we now know ...
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What’s Holding You Up?

With a headline like that, you probably think we’re going to talk about what’s stopping you or holding ...
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How your Eco Pod could make you money

Our Eco Pods provide excellent flexibility on many different levels. That’s one of the reasons that they make an ...
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Will the election outcome impact affordable housing?

With skyrocketing property prices and an upcoming election, housing affordability remains a hot topic in New Zealand. Both ...
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Solving the need for affordable housing

In our last blog post we explored the increasing need for affordable housing. Unaffordable housing polarises society, breaks ...
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