How are Ecopod Modular Homes Built?

At Ecopod, we pride ourselves on crafting modular homes that are not only sustainable and energy-efficient but also beautifully designed to meet the unique needs of our New Zealand customers. Our process is carefully planned and executed, ensuring every Ecopod home is of high standard and quality. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how our Ecopod modular homes come to life.

The Building Process: From Frame to Finish

Through every step of our build process, we ensure quality and durability are ‘baked in’ to your Ecopod home with our step-by-step quality control checklist. At key stages, outlined below, we also have a peer review from another lead builder on our team to ensure all the steps have been followed and comment on any areas for improvement before moving on to the next stage.

We begin by constructing the frame, the skeletal structure of your new home, using high-quality pine timber known for its availability and resilience in New Zealand. Once the frame is up, we lay down the flooring and add insulation within the floor structure to keep your home warm during those chilly winters. Next, we erect and straighten the wall frames, ensuring all walls are perfectly aligned for stability and aesthetics.

With the walls up, we move on to framing the roof, creating a solid cover for the home. Following this, we install the essential systems that make a house liveable, running preliminary electrical wiring and plumbing systems through the framework. Insulation is then added to the walls and roof, significantly enhancing the home’s thermal efficiency. This step ensures your Ecopod will require less energy to heat and cool, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

We then construct cavities for services and install joinery components such as window and door frames, which provide structural support and add to the home’s aesthetic appeal. Attaching fascia boards and soffits to the roofline comes next, protecting the roof and walls from the elements while giving the exterior a finished look. The roof material is installed, followed by flashings to prevent water ingress, ensuring your home remains watertight and durable in all weather conditions.

We apply the external cladding on top of building paper, which serves both as insulation and protection. Our cladding options are designed to withstand New Zealand’s diverse climate while providing an attractive finish. Inside the home, we install wall linings, fit interior doors, and add finishing lines to tidy up all joins and edges, contributing to the polished look and feel of your Ecopod.

Our team then sets up the kitchen, including cabinetry, countertops, and appliances, ensuring everything is perfectly fitted and functional. Painting the interior and exterior is where your home starts to come to life, using high-quality paints for a long-lasting, beautiful finish. We complete the installation of all electrical fixtures and plumbing fittings, ensuring everything is working perfectly and is safe to use.

Final floor coverings are laid, and all bathroom fixtures and fittings are installed, making your home start to look and feel like a real living space. Before your Ecopod is transported to its final location, we thoroughly clean the home and prepare it for transport, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition. Finally, we conduct a comprehensive quality control check to ensure that every aspect and feature of the build meets our high standards and your expectations.

Why Choose an Ecopod Modular Home?

Choosing an Ecopod modular home means investing in a future-proof, sustainable, and beautiful living space. Our homes are built to exceed New Zealand’s updated thermal performance requirements, ensuring you enjoy greater thermal stability and reduced energy costs. From the moment we lay the first plank to the final quality check, our focus is on delivering a home that you will love.

At Ecopod, we’re passionate about providing high-quality, eco-friendly modular homes that fit seamlessly into the New Zealand lifestyle. We understand the unique demands of our local environment and are committed to creating homes that are both stylish and sustainable. Contact us today to join the journey towards a greener future—your dream home is just an Ecopod away!

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