What’s Holding You Up?

What’s Holding You Up?

With a headline like that, you probably think we’re going to talk about what’s stopping you or holding you back. But that’s not where we’re going. We’re talking in the literal sense of what holds your Pod up when you take it off its trailer and place it on land.

Like any building, your Pod needs strong foundations to support it. We recommend two innovative and environmentally friendly options. Both of which are concrete free and quick to install.



There’s no digging or excavation needed for this hybrid concrete-free foundation system that’s been nicknamed the “metal tree stump”. Designed and certified for any soil type, it reduces cut and fill on sloping sites. A patented steel plate secures pins in place and each footing is installed in under 15 minutes requiring no special equipment or inspections.

It has a 3-way adjustment for plumb and level alignment and its specially designed post and cap plate makes it easy to fix to the bearer. A complete working platform is set up in a matter of hours and a ground floor system can be installed in just a few days.

The increased footing spans means the foundation covers a greater surface area, plumbing is off the critical path, there’s easy access for adjustment, and installing from below reduces H&S risks.

Each job is unique and the footing system is designed to complement the site’s soil conditions and the structural load.

Visit the Surefoot website for more information.

Screw Pile Solutions

With a screw pile system, there’s no over engineering and they offer a viable and effective alternative to standard pile foundations. Think of them like big screws, which are drilled into the ground. As there’s no excavating a hole to take the concrete pour, it’s a time-saving method of setting up the foundations for your Pod.

The engineers calculate the depth your project requires and the piles are installed to take the relevant loading. Drilling is only done to the depth needed for your specifications. Once the drilling is good to go, the piles can be installed in less than a day.

The whole process creates minimal disturbances to the landscape making them an environmentally-friendly choice. They are also ideal for use on sloping sites.

Exceptionally easy to remove, the piles come out as quickly as they go in. A day later, you’ll barely even notice they have been there.

Visit the Screwpilesolutions website for more details.

Both options provide an ideal solution to supporting your Pod when you take it off the trailer. If you’d like to know more about which type of foundation might work best for your project, talk to us and we’ll happily run through the options with you.

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