Need an extra bed but space is at a premium?

Need an extra bed but space is at a premium?

You may not have tried one, but you can probably visualise a Murphy bed from the many movies and TV shows that have featured one. Also known as a wall bed, a pull-down bed, or a fold-down bed, it is a fabulous space-saving option, whatever name you choose to call it.

These beds sometimes get a bad rap – possibly due to the way they were depicted in slapstick comedies of days gone by – but the technology has constantly improved over the years and we love recommending them for our Pods.

When space is at a premium and you want a multi-purpose room, Tiltaway beds are the perfect solution. Maybe you’re downsizing and losing a dedicated guest room, but still want a comfortable option for overnight visitors? Whatever the reason, a spare bed always comes in handy.

Pick your size

King, Queen, Double, King Single, or Bunk – they are all possible. You can even have one customised to suit your specific space requirements.

Vertical or side tilt is possible. The side tilt is a great option when slanted ceilings or high windows need to be considered.

Easy to install and use

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not delivered as a flat pack that you have to put together yourself. These high-quality Tiltaway beds are installed by a qualified and experienced fitter.

As well as being supremely comfortable, a Tiltaway bed is extremely easy to use. In a testament to fine engineering, you can pull it down and fold it away with just one touch.


It’s strong. It’s comfortable. It’s stylish. You don’t have to search around for a suitable mattress as it is included with the purchase of your wall bed. It comes with a Sleepyhead Hotelier fully inner-sprung mattress made specifically to handle the folding functionality. All mattresses have a Torquzone Spring System with a medium to firm feel.

Bedside cabinets

When packed away, the bed appears as a cupboard protruding 403 mm from the wall. Bedside cabinets can be incorporated into the exterior design. During the day, part of the frame would be act as a cupboard or open bookshelves and at night it would function as a bedside table. As well as the variety of cabinetry styles available, you can choose the frame colour to match your interior.

Made in New Zealand

Tiltaway Beds are manufactured in New Zealand using the best quality materials. This includes the Murphy Wall Bed Mechanism, which they have the distribution rights to import and market. This state-of-the-art mechanism has been around since 1975 and is engineered to world-class standards. Each residential project comes with a 10-year warranty.

Murphy bed – the name

A Murphy bed is named after William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1957) who designed disappearing beds around the turn of the century. As an interesting aside, a US court ruled in 1989 that the name ‘Murphy bed’ was no longer eligible for trademark protection because it was so thoroughly in common usage.

See one in action

Visit the Auckland showroom of Tiltaway Beds NZ if you’d like to see one in action. You’ll find them at 46B Stanley Street, Parnell.

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